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Retail management system

Retail management system is one of the most significant systems of Odoo. Odoo retail management system is facilitating each process and function in the retail industry.

IT Zain team will help you to get the most-out-of Odoo retail management system. IT Zain will digitalize every step in your business and customize any functional process to lines of coding.

Retail management system modules

High performing POS system that will seamless your processes and effectively perform till 100,000 products.

- Closely connected to the inventory module and will help you to deal with real-time stock

- All payment methods available (cash – card payment) also we can add any payment method you prefer.

- Payments are integrated directly with Odoo accounting.

- Sell-on-the-move feature, with IPad and Android tablet to sell anywhere within your store or restaurant

- Dynamic barcodes to embed discount information directly.

- Order history by customer, cashier, date or product

- Track your sales anytime anywhere

- Create, manage and secure multiple cashier accounts

- Effectively manage your franchises, their stock and accounting

- Create and manage your loyal programs

- Categorize your products in your preferable categories

- Works offline and online

The smart management of your stock will achieved with Odoo purchase management system

- Automate your orders form suppliers based on your inventory stock

- Handle several vendors

- Monitor your RfQs and orders

- Inventory valuation

- Track your orders

- Get real-time products forecasts

- Advanced reporting system, gives you full information anytime, anywhere, any device

- Integrate with e-invoicing tax system

- Integrate with different payment methods

- Manage all your finance operational tasks accurately and effectively

- Advanced reporting system to give you real-time reports

- Manage your inventory anytime, anywhere

- Flexible inventory management system to manage single inventory or multi warehouses

- Scan barcodes with your mobile to check products information

- Track your orders

- Smart structuring for your warehouses

- Just a click to pack orders and assigning barcodes

- Pick, pack & ship! A flexible process to design your process flow

- Smart schedule to trigger all operations automatically

- Odoo WMS supports FIFO, Average Cost (AVCO) and Standard Price for product costing methods.

- Set up perpetual (real time, automated) or periodic inventory valuation mode by product.

- Get forecasts of product availabilities based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.

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