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About us


IT Zain is a team of technology savvies that admire the power of digital and are impressed by how a line of coding turns the most complicated tasks into easy and error-free operations.

Through a 15-year journey in the software industry around the gulf markets, our team helped governmental entities and individual companies from different business scoops to have their integrated and inclusive digital solutions and build the infrastructure of these entities at high quality and cost-effective expenses.

This happened by going beyond the business’s needs with intensive analysis, planning comprehensive strategies that ensure the flexibility and smoothness of digital transformations, and with the professional execution supported by multiple frames of quality assurance.

Our philosophy behind how we conduct work helped us to serve 50+ projects around the Gulf area. Yet, it’s just a start!

Our vision

Our vision aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation at the lowest cost, reach the goals of sustainable development, invest in human resources, reduce operating costs, and manage enterprise resources in a way that ensures access to profitability.

Our Mission

To match organizational needs with smart and innovative software solutions in a frame of quality assurance, business ethics, and integrity.

Also training, transferring knowledge to technical cadres, bringing them to the stages of technological development and transferring clients from the stage of traditional work to keeping pace with the latest information technology technologies.

Our Values

Customer-centricity: To match every special organization’s needs with lines of coding and digitalize all organizational needs to inclusive software.

Customer- satisfaction: By Fast-responding to customers’ inquiries and Fast-delivery of our services and products.

Agility: smooth delivering and quick adapting to client’s requirements

Data privacy and data protection: commit to a full compliance with data privacy rules and regulations.

Consultation: To dedicate our 15-year experience to help our customers to get the best-out-of technology and digital solutions.

Our References

We are in good company.